Izotex PES

Nonwoven textile IZOTEX is manufactured by technology of mechanical web forming, that is reinforced by thermobonding. Textile IZOTEX is designed as sound- and heat-insulating material.

IZOTEX PES is used as filling material in a garment industry in filled apparel such as anoraks, also for many stuffed articles, including pillows and bedding articles, such as comforters, quilts and sleeping bags (Izotex PES and Izotex PES S).

Izotex PES is used also in the manufacture of upholstered furniture – sofas and mattresses. (Izotex PES and Izotex PES H). IZOTEX PES is used in order to avoid noise and heat leakage decreasing in automotive, in the vehicles and machinery.The product is also used in the manufacture of filter materials.

Additional Info

  • Weight (g/m2): 80-1000
  • Width: 1500-2400 mm
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